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I'm pleased to have been a member of the Boise Sunrise Rotary Club for 7 years (as of 2020).  Every Tuesday, this club gives me the opportunity to volunteer to help my community (local or global).    I've most enjoyed those opportunities helping young people develop the self-confidence and skills required to become successful and contributing citizens of the community, whether that "community" is our city or the world.


I recently retired from 33 years at Hewlett-Packard, primarily in engineering and management roles.   While in HP, Sunrise Rotary gave me the opportunity to engage in the community in ways that my occupation did not.   Now that I'm retired, Sunrise Rotary is helping to keep me engaged, using the time, talent and treasure now available to me.


When I'm able, you can typically find me recreating in the great outdoors.   I need to find a way to tie that into my volunteer work...

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