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Hope House – A Future of Light and Hope

Rotarians are dedicated to service—to leaving the world better than we found it. We give freely of our time and treasure and ask for nothing in return. The members of the Rotary Club of Boise Sunrise are particularly active, supporting many charitable causes, both local and international, among them Project Amigo, the 3rd Grade Dictionary Project, Rotary Youth Exchange, Everyday Leadership, and so much more. A profoundly impactful cause we support is Hope House, the residential home for children and youth near Marsing, Idaho.

Every child deserves a home and the love of family. Children and youth are nurtured and transformed in Hope House—kids who have fallen through the cracks of other public and private service agencies. Hope House provides the kids who have fallen through those cracks with physically and emotionally healthy surroundings. They provide an accredited education and offer emotional and spiritual support for healthy and fulfilling lives and futures.

Hope House nurtures a safe, wholesome family environment for children, some of whom may not have known such safety in their young lives.

The stories below are true, though names are changed for privacy. The images throughout are used with permission.

Sara and her sister were the two youngest in a family from a small country in Asia. The girls were separated from their family and then mistakenly given to an orphanage. By the time their mother located the girls, they had been adopted by an American couple. Sara had a hard time adjusting and was separated again from her sister and ended up at the Hope House. Because of the stability of Hope House she was able to maintain contact with her sister and even re-unite with her mother 20 years later.

Children and youth receive a first-rate education at Hope Christian Academy, the private, accredited educational institution of Hope House, which provides the academic and social-emotional education that prepares students for success.

Regina and her three siblings came to live at Hope House. Their parents were unable to care for them. Although the four kids arrived at Hope House at an early age, Regina being the oldest, seemed to struggle the most to adjust. At age 18 she wanted to become a nurse. After two years of college, her dreams took a detour to raise a family. Then 15 years later, she finally got that nursing degree and now working full time. She attests her success to the resolve she learned at Hope House.

Hope House youth compete in high school team sports in Idaho and western Oregon in the Christian Schools Athletic Association. Through athletics, young student athletes like Gigi learn trust and teamwork. As a middle schooler, Gigi rapidly developed the skills to enter competitions at the high school level. The faith and support of her team provided her confidence and perseverance. She competed on a league-championship team at Hope House and later returned as an assistant coach to lead the team to three consecutive championships! Gigi expects to graduate from a local university this winter.

In Hope House, the kids find the family every child deserves. They find a home built on love, kindness, and respect, built on the inherent value of every child.

As Rotarians we are fortunate. We repay a debt of gratitude for our good fortune by helping others—by leaving the world better than we found it. Together, we ensure Hope House has the resources they need to mold bright futures for the kids.

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