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Boise Sunrise Rotary and the Boise Rescue Mission Working Together

Thanks to the current support of the Rotary Club of Boise Sunrise, Boise Rescue Mission’s (BRMM) Veterans Ministries Program is able to purchase an emergency stair lift for veterans with disabilities and mobility issues. Because of the generous support from the Sunrise Rotary, BRMM can take the steps necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of homeless veterans staying in BRMM facilities.

BRMM created the Veterans Ministries Program because it wanted to offer a program that provided centralized case management and components designed specifically to address the challenges facing veterans today. The VMP was implemented to assist veterans in every way possible: helping them find employment with a living wage, overcome addiction, pursue education, and find affordable housing as well as improving their physical and mental health. As a veteran, BRMM’s President and CEO Rev. Bill Roscoe is committed to meeting the complex needs of homeless and displaced veterans.

“Us veterans, we’re all brothers. I can talk to other veterans about things I can’t talk to other people about. They understand. Surrounded by these men, I no longer felt alone or isolated.” - David

Historically, veterans represent approximately 19% of the homeless population served by BRMM, and in some years that number has reached 30%. In 2021, approximately 85 veterans will participate in the VMP, which is offered at all four of BRMM’s shelter facilities.

The VMP’s effectiveness is measured in part by the number of men and women who transition back into the community, able to support and care for themselves. In its nine years of operation, the program has maintained an 87% success rate. To date, over 500 veterans have transitioned back into the community.

The hope for every individual who comes to BRMM is that they will seek out and receive support beyond such essentials as food and a safe bed. Generous community partners like the Rotary Club of Boise Sunrise help restore hope and transform the lives of veterans.

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In 2023 the Boise Sunrise Rotary will not be accepting grant applications. Please continue to check this website in 2024 for the most updated grant information. Thank you.

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