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Boise Sunrise Rotary and PEO team up for continuing education support

The Rotary Club of Boise Sunrise and PEO Chapter CG have collaborated for the last 4 years on fundraisers in the spring and winter. The sisters of PEO (Philanthropic Education Organization) chapter CG sell poinsettias in November and hanging baskets in April. The funds raised from these projects are used to make loans and outright grants to women who wish to go back to school. The spring 2022 hanging basket sale made $4250 and this was their largest project to date!

PEO’s Chapter CG was founded in 1996 and in the 26 years since, they have funded 35 candidates for these loans and grants for a total of $170,000. In this manner, CG has distinguished itself as one of the most active PEO chapters in terms of raising funds and distributing funds to students wishing to return to their studies. Numerous Masters and Bachelors degrees have been earned in this time by members of PEO CG and other women who have applied to CG for the loans and grants.

The Rotarians of Boise Sunrise have been consistently delighted with the beauty and robust nature of the poinsettias and the hanging baskets. That makes selling them a very simple proposition because the nursery that supplies them out of Garden Valley delivers plants that are very large and colorful and healthy.

Boise Sunrise is always looking for opportunities to Leave It Better Than We Found It. Collaborating with PEO Chapter CG has been a very effective and enjoyable team effort that results in our homes having more natural color and in deserving students having financial resources to return to school and continue their education. Knowing that these flowers have aided these candidates in their educational endeavors makes these plants just that much more beautiful to look at each year.

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In 2023 the Boise Sunrise Rotary will not be accepting grant applications. Please continue to check this website in 2024 for the most updated grant information. Thank you.

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