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Boise Sunrise and the Hope House in Marsing, ID

Every year on or around Founders Day, the Rotary Club of Boise Sunrise heads out to Marsing to address various projects at Hope House. Our relationship with Hope House is one that has spanned 25 years. Hope House is a home for numerous teens and children who are often struggling after a failed adoption. The former Work Corps site has numerous buildings used for dormitories, storage, a dining hall, and a gymnasium. There is never a lack of things to work on when we arrive for Founders Day.

The photos below illustrate our clean up activities recently after a number of tree seedlings were planted at Hope House. The staff at HH has been taking good care of these trees and then transplanting them to various locations on the property as they grow and when a spot for new shade is identified. Other projects have included painting, baseball field maintenance, building a goat shed, and sorting donated items for the HH thrift store.

At Boise Sunrise, we seek to Leave It Better Than We Found It. That takes many different forms each spring when we arrive in Marsing to address whatever the Hope House staff has decided are the highest priority needs for the site and the students. Hope House and Boise Sunrise have a thriving and productive relationship.

Sunrise support for Hope House has been going on for many years. Since the early 90's. Previous member Ben from YMC(not recalling last name) was instrumental in providing equipment, material and labor for completing the gymnasium. Current member Bill Ilett arranged for the "first class" back boards.

I believe the current Founders Day approach is entering its 15th or16th year.

The "big deal" for the past six years is that Sunrise Rotary has raised via Lobsterfest all the funds necessary to pay the annual Idaho Power bill which is slowly decreasing due to Founders Day projects. The annual power bill is currently 80 to 85 thousand.

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