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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Idaho and the Rotary Club of Boise Sunrise

At the onset of the pandemic, Nate was furloughed from his place of employment. He refrained from sharing this bad news with his Little, Lyon, and Lyon’s family because he didn’t want to burden them. However, Lyon’s mom, Marta, saw right away that Nate wasn’t his usual vibrant self and asked us if she could reach out to Nate, instead of Nate being the one to always reach out to Lyon. A few days after Marta’s request, Nate gave us a call.

“I’m so touched that Lyon’s entire family reached out. It’s been a hard time.” Nate said, “I thought I was the Big!”

When you ask Little Brother Lyon about Nate, he’ll quickly tell you that Nate was one of the first friends he’s ever had and that he can’t wait to go on adventures with him again.

During COVID, we all had hardships and felt the stress of not being as connected to those who are important to us. We also know that the children in our community felt this more than most adults, but because of the support we received from amazing organizations such as the Boise Sunrise Rotary Club, our Littles were able to stay connected with their Bigs during a time of a lot of unknowns. These mentoring relationship were critical in the children, families and volunteers in our program being able to weather a difficult year and see a future that is bright and full of potential.


Thank you Boise Sunrise Rotary for believing in our mission and for supporting our families, our Bigs and our Littles!

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In 2023 the Boise Sunrise Rotary will not be accepting grant applications. Please continue to check this website in 2024 for the most updated grant information. Thank you.

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