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I am Karl Klokke, a past president of the Rotary Club of Boise Sunrise. I also serve as the District Raffle and Community Service Chair. One would think I always was an active Rotarian. For the first several years, I joined to meet people and to become known in the community. Those were the wrong reasons. I didn’t attend many meetings and did fewer service projects. 


About seven years ago, I worked at the Lobsterfest and decided I had the skills to build a cooker to cook 3-500 lobsters quickly. I took on the challenge.  At that point I became engaged and Rotary has become a big part of my life. Instead of acquaintances, I have made many friends in the club. The type of people one meets in Rotary are good, contributing members of the community; instead of people associated with outdoor sports, who tend to be more absorbed in their athletic accomplishments. We enjoy our meetings, social activities and doing service work together. Not being a regular attendee of church, I have found at the Four Way Test a good substitute and the “moments of reflections” at our meetings give me something to think about. I always leave a Rotary meeting or activity in a better frame of mind than when I arrived. 


It feels better to give than to always to receive. 

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