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I am a proud Rotarian who really enjoys spending time with club members once a week and participating in all sorts of service projects that are always available with this crew of community minded individuals. Our community and our country are in need of our help and as Mr. Rogers asserted many years ago, WE are the helpers that our neighbors are looking for. I enjoy that role and I really get a charge out of collaborating with my brothers and sisters at Boise Sunrise Rotary Club (BSRC) in addressing the most urgent needs we can find. 

Things that are important to me:

  1. Leaving it better than I found it

  2. Being honest and candid

  3. Striving to be the most high-character person I can be


How I might fill a typical day: Getting in a workout of some kind. Knocking stuff off of my "To Do" list. Touching base with friends and ensuring that they know how much I appreciate their friendship and support. Getting some reading done. Participating in some form of community service when the opportunity arises. Improving some skills that need work by cooking or playing music or working to improve some less than ideal aspect of myself.

I am a retired engineer. I am a musician. I am a cancer survivor. I hold three US patents. I strive to be a gentleman. There are a lot of layers to me. I enjoy good conversation and I value candor. I fully buy into the concept of "Carpe Diem" or Seize the Day. Let's have a terrific day TODAY!

Rotary is an established organization that is well run and is dedicated to Service Above Self in our home towns and around the globe. Being a part of this and choosing from the many service opportunities that Rotary is actively supporting is an ideal spot for me. Maybe for you as well? Drop us an email and contact us so we can arrange for you to perhaps join us for breakfast some Tuesday morning. We can introduce you to club members while getting to know you better. This is a good group to dine with once a week and to collaborate with in serving the world around us.

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