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One humbling truth about the Sunrise Rotary Club that I am exceedingly grateful for is how the people show up.   Whether it is to our weekly morning breakfast meeting, one of our many worthwhile service projects or fundraisers I am honored to be a part of such a high caliber group of individuals.   This group takes action to help make this world a better place!

As a young Rotarian that joined the club in 2018, I have really enjoyed the sense of community and fellowship of the Sunrise Rotary Club.  Although I have only been in Rotary for a few short years, as a boy I was involved as the child of a Rotarian while going to my first Sunrise Rotary picknick with a local children’s group home at the age of 6.  I would go on to do work projects at the group home and the adjoining school, even serving as the basketball coach.  That charity is called Hope House and it is still my favorite to this day.   I am proud to say that Hope House continues to be a major benefactor of our Rotary Club and our club’s main annual fundraiser, Lobsterfest.  

Rotary has also allowed me to become passionate for programs that I would otherwise not know about like Everyday Leadership.   This program is a community cooperative using curriculum developed by the YMCA and made available through grants to Title I schools.   The empowering leadership lessons and skills learned in everyday leadership help break the chain of poverty in our underfunded schools that leads to low self-esteem and underperformance. 

Finally, Rotary has allowed me to be connected to my community and informed therefor being able to seize the opportunity to create value by my deeds in more impactful ways.  The weekly presentations at our meetings are timely and insightful around a broad array of topics that I would not get anywhere else.

I am proud of being a Rotarian but I am grateful for my family.  I have a wonderful wife, Tami, and two joyous children Lucie and Leo.  Tami is a news anchor for KTVB News Channel 7.  Lucie and Leo enjoy swimming and playing tennis.

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